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“BRAINY BRATS GONE WILD” - Original erotic gay story by Tiger Max

Four hot and horny college bluebloods go wild in an orgy of torrid lovemaking

This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.
"Brainy Brats Gone Wild"
Original erotic gay story by Tiger Max

I was three months into my freshman year at Pembroke College, a shady, upscale Colonial-style campus in northern New Hampshire, tucked away in the Green Mountains. Pembroke is known for its high standards of academic excellence – for those who can pay for it! Very few students, however, are here on scholarships. They come mostly from very wealthy New England families who demand the very best for their beautiful, brainy brats – like me!!

One of the best perks of Pembroke, however, is that there are gazillions of young blueblood stallions walking around, eager to make your balls tingle and your dick throb at a moment’s notice! I especially enjoy checking-out their firm, round, bubble­-butts. I dream of smelling, tasting, and penetrating them every night as I jack my rock-hard freshman prong!! It’s like being covered 24/7 in sweaty jocks after a hard Rugby Team practice!!

Study, study, study!! … tests, papers, finals! … That’s all I did – except work out in the college gym four times a week, observing dangling dongs in the locker room, and stealing a stinky pair of undies every now and then to sniff as I jerk-off! My stern, ex-Marine father demands nothing less than a 4.0 GPA in order to continue footing the bill; which I have no trouble keeping up. Yes, I’m your classic nerdy, Clark Kent-type first-year Philosophy Major. But the mirror doesn’t lie, and I know damn well I’m fucking uber-scrumptious, with my emerald-green eyes, set in a creamy Michelangelo countenance, framed by mussy, light-brown locks, wedded seductively to a muscular, Greek-god body.

Why, after three months on campus, I hadn’t been raped by the numerous gay professors and students around, I’ll never know. I guess I send out vibes of look, but do not touch! And built like I am, there’s a definite intimidation factor; so I never get bullied. I just existed in my little social lock-box: lonely, frustrated, and horny as they cum. In fact, before this weekend, I had often wished someone would rape me!! I longed for someone to ravage my sensitive young hole - BAD!!! It throbbed and twitched night and day to be opened-up and invaded by a large, wet collegiate phallus!!

OK, I wear wire-rimmed glasses, and dress shabby-collegiate: no trendy fashion duds for me. No one seemed to notice that, underneath my un-cool exterior, seethed a raging gay tiger, starved for hot, sensuous man-sex! I ate mostly in the college cafeteria, and rarely went out with the few nerdy department friends I had made. The fact was, I kept mostly to myself. I was a social disaster, and was definitely ready to graduate from masturbating three or four times a day. Yeah, I had an occasional Skype jack-session with some horny stud in Germany, or Australia; but I needed real-time, real-life gay S-E-X!!

One day I was sitting at the coffee bar in the retro student center, reading for a philosophy assignment. But my mind was having a hard time staying focused because of all the sexy butts and cute faces teaming around me!! Suddenly, from behind me, came a sexy male voice saying, “Wow! I love Nietzsche!” I had a book with Nietzsche’s face on the cover lying on the counter beside me. I looked around, and standing there before my lusting eyes was this breathtaking bombshell – auburn hair, blue eyes, and nicely-framed. I thought I recognized him, but couldn’t remember his name. “Oh, Hi” I replied. “I see you’re reading Locke,’ he commented, “he’s one of my favorites … you’re in the philosophy department, aren’t you? … Damian? Right?” … “Yep, that’s me … what was your name? … Damn, it’s right on the tip of my tongue.” … “Kyle … Kyle Covington,” he interjected. “Oh Yes … Kyle! … you’re in Dr. Manning’s Ancient Greeks class, right?

“Yes, that’s right … actually, I came over to invite you to a private philosophy club that meets every Friday night. It’s called, “Philosophy Circle Jerkers.” I laughed! “I know, I know! … it sounds kinda crass; but we decided to call it that because our goal is to make philosophy a blast; not just serious thinking packed-up in moth balls – you know, keep it light. Attendance is by invitation only … you just looked like the type of guy that would enjoy a little recreational brain-storming. But it’s not for just anybody. Shall I put you down for tonight? I know you’ll get a kick out of it! … sort of intellectual man-cave time: hor d’oeuvres, cocktails, etc! … eight O’clock at Jim Nordquist’s place on Tundra Lane.” 

Jim was a gorgeous 30-ish Associate Professor in the Philosophy Department, with a very nice pad – i.e. a very wealthy father! "Here’s the address. It’s all totally dress-down casual.” There was a pregnant pause, as he awaited my answer … “Why … uh … sure! … Yeah! I’ll definitely be there – sounds like fun … thanks!” I responded, as my gaydar redlined gay, gay, GAY!!!

I mean, how could I resist with that heart-throb standing there shrinking my balls. He smiled alluringly and walked away, jiggling his tightly-packed little derriere in my face! I tried to get my mind back on John Locke, but to no avail. All I could think about was Kyle’s ass – and Circle Jerkers!? “Mmmmmmmm” I thought to myself, “I think this is this gonna be more than a light-hearted discussion of existentialism? … and I couldn’t think of a better way to come out at Pembroke!!”

It was a cold night in northern New Hampshire, with about a foot of snow on the ground; so I put-on my thick flannel shirt, lined winter jeans, and tan hiking boots. I looked like a hunky lumber jack. I even had a light growth of beard, which I thought looked manly as hell. Things are kinda backwoodsie around Pembroke, so I thought I’d be OK style-wise – which is not my thing anyway. But I checked myself out in the mirror, and was pleased with the masculine way my muscles filled out the shirt and trousers. Gave myself a hard-on!! I really hoped the meeting was more than a heady academic rap-session. My philosophy for the evening was “fuck and get fucked!!”

I arrived about 7:50, walked up on the mammoth front porch, and knocked on the big redwood door. The knocker was a small ram’s horn. The house was very impressive. It was an expansive, Colorado-style log structure, with cedar-shake roofing, large paned windows, and a huge river-rock chimney, billowing with smoke. Had to be a mil or two!! In the parking area sat the high-end pick-ups and jacked-up SUV’s of the Jerkers. My Grand Cherokee fit right in! The whole affair had that upper-class, macho feel about it. But there was a tantalizing undercurrent as well!

In no more than ten seconds, Jim opened the door, and invited me in. “Damian!! … glad you could make it, man. Come right on in and make yourself at home!” he said, as I shed my heavy winter hiking jacket, ski-gloves, and toboggan. He took them and put them in the hall closet; then walked ahead of me, leading me across rustic hardwood flooring into the spacious, vaulted great room, ribbed with huge wooden beams, and a massive, floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace blazing away, filling the room with warmth and cheer. The other two guys rose to their feet and extended their hands, smiling broadly, and welcomed me. I could tell they liked what they saw because one of them said, “Woof!!” under his breath. Kyle invited me to sit with him on a large leather couch, and Jim and Carlo sat on the other one across from us.

Jim was about thirty, and very handsome, fit, and blond – Norwegian or Swedish, I guessed. Carlo was of Italian extraction, with that classic Italian-look: olive skin, curly black hair, dark Mediterranean eyes – and a bit more muscular than Jim. We faced each other over a large tree-truck coffee table with a big slab of glass on it, scattered with empty beer bottles. An impressive black wrought-iron chandelier hung from the ceiling, and several moose, deer, and ram’s heads dotted the walls. Filling the middle of the open floor-space was a large bearskin rug. It felt like a very posh hunting lodge – which I suppose it actually was. “I shot most of those animals myself,” boasted Jim “along with my dad and big brother, Thor.” … “Looks like a PETA nightmare!” quipped Carlo. We all chuckled except Jim; who gave Carlo a chastising frown – but then smiled!

Jim went over to the wet bar, and poured an exotic pink drink into Martini glasses, and served it to everyone. Between The Sheets, I think he called it. “OK, studs, hope you like this … my book says it’s for sexy people!” We laughed, and starting sipping it. It was wickedly delicious – and packed a frickin wallop! We settled back and shot the shit for a few minutes, laughing and joking about classes, professors, and how horny we all were! - until the drink made us a very silly and rowdy! To loosen us up even more, Jim started passing around a plump, newly-rolled joint, until everyone had inhaled a puff or two, sending-up a thick cloud of smoke, enshrouding the chandelier above us. That was all I needed - my lust-engine kicked into high gear!! I was ready to jump the nearest sexy Jerker!

But it was time to start the meeting; so Jim reached over and picked up a book from the table, and began reading from chapter one. It was about the philosophy of Hedonism. For two or three pages it talked about how the pursuit of pleasure was the summum bonum (highest good). It cited examples from Greek, Mesopotamian, and other ancient thinkers, that the goal of human existence was to get as much pleasure out of life as possible, minimizing all pain. “Does that mean sexual pleasure as well?” asked Kyle, smiling. “Absolutely, replied Carlo, “that’s been my philosophy ever since dear uncle Luigi instructed me in the fine art of lovemaking – with his finger up my ass!” We laughed like drunken frat boys!

“Anyway – picking-up where I left off,” said Jim, “even Solomon exalts the concept of sexual satisfaction. Here’s an erotic quote, with an interpretive twist of my own: ‘A loving buck, a graceful stag - may his nipples satisfy you always; may you ever be intoxicated with his love.’” As soon as he said that my balls started tingling, and my cock started to swell and crawl down my pant-leg!

“And here’s a video to drive home the concept, guys” said Jim, as he started the video on the huge 65-inch flat-screen over the mantel. Suddenly, a hot sex scene appeared on the screen between two breath-taking studs. They were kissing like mad, and playing with each other’s huge, dribbling cocks … on and on it went as they rimmed, sucked and fucked for over ten sizzling minutes of torrid man-sex. We were all squeezing our crotches, and groaning like stallions at the starting gate. Carlo even had his towering manhood out, stroking it sensuously!

Then Jim turned it off, and said, “Actually, I think the best way to test a philosophy is to experience it … everyone agree?” … “Damn right!” said Kyle, “it’s all just meaningless theory until you try it!” Jim sat down next to Carlos and put his arm over his muscular shoulders, drew his head to his, and gave him a little smooch on the lips; then turned to us and said, “OK, fellas, this is practicum 101… you must participate, or fail the course, and get kicked out of the class!!” Kyle looked me in the eyes and said, “Well dude, wanna experience some Hedonism?” … My cock virtually spoke through me as I replied, “Hell yeah! … let’s do our homework together!!”

We looked over at Jim and Carlo, and they were already French-kissing and moaning like whores. So Kyle gently pulled my head and drew my lips to his as we opened our mouths and sensually slid our wet lips together. Out tongues shot-out and began flicking and slithering over each other like snake fangs. We both pulled our steel-hard pricks out of their zipper-cages and stroked them as we passionately devoured our gaping mouths. The feelings were so electrifying, my prick felt like I had stuck it in a wall socket!!

Jim got up from his hot make-out with Carlo and turned down the lights, and put-on some very sultry mood music! In just a minute or two the meeting had gone from academic discussion to hunk orgy!! Fine with me! Jim passed around another jay. Whew!! was I soaring! - my cock was so hard I thought it would burst!!

“Hey guys, let’s dance,” said Jim as he slipped off his sweater, exposing his ripped Scandinavian torso. Damn, he looked sexy! Carlo simultaneously ripped off his shirt, and the two began dancing slow and sexy as they kissed passionately and sensuously as they slid their hands over each other’s ripped torsos.

Kyle and I followed suit, and soon found ourselves bare-topped, our trousers tenting with stiff erections as the soft, sexy music amplified our love-play! We held each other close, grinding our hard bulges into one another as we made-out, licking necks, drilling ears and kissing ravenously! Loud groans began to fill the spacious, smoke-fulled great room as the fire crackled away – a fit accompaniment to the sizzling dirty dancing on the floor.

Kyle reached down and started squeezing my cock, as I did his. We were breathing heavy, hungry for nakedness. He unbuckled my pants, and thrust his hands down the back of my trousers, cupping my round, firm butt-cheeks, and squeezing them hard. I ran my tongue down his neck and chest to one of his rigid nipples, hard-tonguing it as he yelled, “FUCK!!!!” from the sudden, intense pleasure; immediately thrusting his middle finger up my sweaty asshole and wiggling it slightly. “Mmmmmmmmm!” I moaned. He pulled it out, and put it up to his nose, inhaling my musky hole-stink. He quickly stuck it in my mouth for me to taste! I sucked his finger as if it were a cute little cock, my potent pussy-scent becoming an erotic aphrodisiac driving us to wild kissing and groping, accompanied by loud grunts and groans. Things were definitely getting hot, Hot, HOT in the old log inn!!

Jim already had Carlo’s pants down to his ankles, and was massaging his huge veiny monster with his hand as they kissed and groaned. It was so damn erotic watching two ultra-sexy guys make passionate love while I got it on with Kyle. Overwhelmed with lust, I dropped to my knees and took his big, up-turned prong into my hungry lips, and began to bob aggressively on it. He groaned with deep satisfaction as I twirled my hot tongue around his bulging glans, and raked my tight lips up and down the stalk. As I took each of his balls into my mouth, his raunchy crotch-odor filled my head with dizzying cock-lust. I started bobbing out-of-control on it, crazy for his ball-juice, when …

“Off with the clothes, boys!!” yelled Jim. Jacked out of our fucking gourds, we ripped every stitch off, and threw them on the floor out of the way. He gestured for us to come together in the middle of the floor for some foursome play. We stood there feeling each other up and rubbing our four drippy cockheads together, moaning with intense prick-joy. We then changed partners and I got to kiss and grope Carlo. Tanned, muscular Italian types had always driven me fucking crazy!!

Damn! he was one passionate Latin tongue-twister. We kissed erotically for no less than five rapturous minutes, wandering down to our pec-stubs, and hard-sucking each other’s highly erogenous necks, breathing heavy, and longing desperately for cock and ass. He slurped his way down my tight six-pack and paused, looked up at me and smiled as he licked my throbbing manhood from balls to oozing plum. He then took it deep into his mouth and started working it passionately; swirling his big slimy tongue all around the rim, and again taking it into the depths of his throat, flicking my ball-sack with his long, agile tongue while his mouth was impaled on my spike. I grunted deeply as he squeezed and bobbed on it with the back of his throat. He did outrageously marvelous things to it as he ran his wet lips lightly over the entire stem and head, blowing on it, and chewing it lightly with his teeth; then plunging it into the very depths of his throat again; making me yell, “FUUUCK!! you sexy Latin cocksucker!! … Oh my God, that’s good!!!!” I guess he learned a few things while doing his Practicum in Rome over the summer!

I looked over at Kyle and Jim; and Jim was fucking hell out of Kyle’s creamy white butt; both of them grunting and groaning as escalating pleasure overwhelmed them. “FUCK!!!” yelped Kyle as Jim pulled all the way out several times, and then thrust hard back in. I wanted a big hard prick up my bum too. BAD!!! My sphincter was spasming with desperate fuck-lust.

Jim pulled out of Kyle, and they all gathered around me, breathing heavy, their eyes filled with intense desire. “God, you’re one gorgeous man!!” said Carlo. “Fuck yeah!!” echoed Kyle. I wanted him from the second I saw him in the Student Center this morning!” “Damian” said Jim. “We want you to be a permanent member of the Jerkers … but you have to be initiated.” “Hell, guys, what do I have to do? … I want in … TONIGHT!!”

Jim reached over and took something out of the drawer of one of the end tables. “Close your eyes” he insisted. I eagerly obeyed, and before I knew it, a tight Spandex hood had been crammed onto my skull, covering my eyes. Then I felt hands and fingers tripping across my hard muscles, feeling my chiseled pecs, tweaking my taut little nipples, mussing my wavy hair, and slurpy-kissing every square inch of my sweaty male physique - suddenly someone shoved a long middle finger finger up my ass, sensually twisting and fucking!! “Oh my God, guys!! … OH MY GOD!!! … JEEZUS!!!!!” I screamed, as waves of purest pleasure enveloped my throbbing corpus.

“Triple treat!!” yelled Jim. He forced me to my knees on the big bear rug, and they all got into position in front of me. I had no idea what was about to happen. “Damian, you’ve got three delectable rosebuds to taste and smell,” he informed me, “start with the one on the left, and work your way across. I guarantee each one will smell just a little different than the other … and each will have it’s own unique taste … OK, dude! Chow down!!”

The air was already filled with alluring pussy-fumes as I felt around and started licking up and down the crack of the first pair of firm, rounded bubbles. I pulled them apart, and rammed my hot tongue deep into the delicious quim, licking and slurping with total abandon! “Hell Yeah!!!” my ass owner shouted. It was Jim’s voice! “O God, dude, you’re one hot ass-licker!! … Mmmmmmmmm!!... Oh yeah!!! … EAT IT!!!!!”

After several minutes of feasting, a voice interrupted, “Next!” It was Carlo. The first inhalation of his anal perfume rocked my balls it was so powerful and sexy! I included his huge testicles in my slurping and licking, causing him to growl with delight as I virtually devoured his aromatic genitals. I couldn’t imagine a more scrumptious ass than Carlo’s.

“Hey, don’t forget my little pucker!!” said Kyle insistently. I had dreamed of how his tender quim would taste and smell - ever since he paraded it in front of me in the Student Center earlier that morning. So I wasted no time  going to work on his pert, globular buns, licking them all over with my warm, moist probe. Then I moved directly between his sumptuous globes, pulling the flesh curtains back and piercing his sphincter; rabidly tongue-fucking his squishy dilated pucker with my rigid tongue! “Oh Damian, that’s heavenly, dude! … eat my tasty little pussy-pie!! … that’s it!! … Goddamn that’s good!!” I must’ve gnawed and slurped on his delicious little kiwi for five minutes, tasting and smelling what I had only fantasized about for hours!!

Lest I got lost in Kyle’s gourmet quim, Jim stood me back up. His mouth quickly covered mine, and our tongues lashed and slurped wildly as his talented finger worked my twitching little cunt-hole. By that time, the intoxicating scent of triple-testosterone was roiling up my nostrils, taking me to gang-bang heaven. The finger withdrew and in its place somebody’s rock-hard prong began probing my ass until it’s large, pre-slick nut slipped into my clinching sphincter, plunging deep into my fuck-tube. “Ahhhhhhhhh … FUCK!!!!” I screamed as he started thrusting at a slow, sensual pace. A kisser started sucking my neck and reaming my ear with his huge, wet mouth-prick. Another mouth enveloped my cock and worked it so damn good I thought I was gonna blow immediately. But I contained myself, because I was insatiable for more orgiastic extravagance!!

After several minutes of mounting ecstasy, Jim said, “Musical asses, boys!!” He pulled his dripping dong out of my hole, and they switched places. A new cock was now pumping my raging cunt-hole, and an even larger tongue was hard-tonguing my nipples! The new cocksucker was fantastic, making passionate love to my swollen prong, as surges of rapture flooded my being. I thought I had some idea of what pleasure was – until then!!!

They put me on a huge ottoman behind the sofas and did all sorts of marvelous things to me as I lay there – totally oblivious to everything in the universe but their incredible sex-play! One would fuck me, while another licked and sucked my balls; and another pulled and pinched my fiery nipples. At one point two large prongs filled my hole, the one on top plugging me fast and furious as waves of ecstasy radiated throughout my body! Every part of my me was on-fire, every cell screaming with exquisite pleasure. “FUUUUUUUCK!! … SHIIIIIT!!!! … OH MY GOD!!!!” I screamed over and over again as they discovered new ways to exquisitely torture my ultra-sensitized young bod!!

Finally, they were more than ready to ejaculate: I began to hear loud slurping sounds mixed with grunts and curses, as fuck-oil and saliva-laden cocks were driven to spew their white hot load all over me. I ripped the mask off so I could view the massive cocks squishing above me. I just lay there jacking my pre-drooling prong, craving their sizzling sperm-loads – feeling like a total cum-bucket!! And enjoying the hell out of it!!!

It wasn’t long before I heard Jim growling like a ravenous animal as he pounded his throbbing slab. His hand looked like a blur as he mauled his 10-inch monstrosity of a penis.


 Suddenly, with a thunderous grunt, he ejaculated his delicious love-cream, “FUUUUUUCK!!!!!!! … SHIIIIIIIT!!!!!!! … OH FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” he screamed! Howling like a banshee, he launched his mega-load high into the sex-charged air. “OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!” Huge splats of cum landed all over my body and face; some going directly into my open mouth. I crave man-cream, so I tasted and swallowed what I could as I continued to pump away on my own tortured phallus!

Then I heard both Kyle and Carlo grunting and cursing as they madly pumped their squishy, burning prongs. “Shoot that load!!!” coached Jim! … pump it all over him!!!” Desperate for more cum, I yelled, “Cover my ass with that shit: bury me in spunk!!!” In seconds they obeyed my command, and simultaneously launched their humongous jizz-loads all over me. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! … FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!” they cursed, as spurt after spurt of creamy white ball-juice inundated my ecstatic body: in my eyes, my ears, on my cock, every-fucking-where!!! I was white and dripping from head to foot!!

As soon as their spunk started splatting on me, I shot my own gargantuan load high into the warm air – no doubt splashing all over anyone within ten feet of my cum-dripping bod. I screamed in total release as throbs of ecstasy rocked my hunching physique. Never had an orgasm felt so totally, over-the-top, gloriously fantastic. It was like it was my first real orgasm!! TOTAL, glorious release!!!

Jim pulled me to my feet, and they went to work licking and slurping my entire body, each of them sharing cum with me as they slurpy-kissed all over my lips, face, and neck; all of us moaning with super-sensual delight! I swilled it down as fast as they could shove it into my mouth - as the scent of sweaty muscle-boys blended with cum-scent to make me dizzy with post-orgasmic rapture!!

Totally spent, we all collapsed in front of the fire on the warm bear rug, breathing heavy, and dripping with the nectar of ultimate satisfaction. “Fuck!” said Jim, “I’m gonna have to send old Smokey here to the cleaners next week!!” We laughed heartily!

We then showered together in the huge glass shower in his bedroom, dried off, rat-tailing each other, and giggling like school girls! After our sexy horse-play, we donned our undies, and wandered back into the great room, where Jim stoked the fire. We curled up together on the couches under some light blankets, and sipped the hot apple cider and home-made cinnamon buns he had prepared beforehand. Life was good sitting in front of the crackling log fire, cuddled in Kyle’s manly, protective arms. We nibbled on each other’s lips, whispering affectionate little nothings in one another’s ears, promising to get together again soon! Hell, I had a boyfriend before Christmas!!

After a couple of hours of crazy chit-chat and casual musings on Hedonistic techniques, we departed happily into the frigid, star-studded New England night, warmed to the core by good company, a blazing fire, an exotic cocktail, and el primo weed – supremely satiated by our sizzling, cum-dripping, hole-cramming Bacchanalia. It was definitely the wildest, most outrageous circle jerk I had ever experienced!! I gave it an A+++!!


The testicles illustrated.


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