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“SPLENDOR IN THE ASS” - Original erotic story by Tiger Max

Wyoming young cowboys give Brokeback Mountain a run for its money.


This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.

Original erotic gay story
by Tiger Max

I’m a super horny 21-year-old cowboy from Staghorn, Wyoming – population 569. Lived here all my horny gay life. And even though I was captain of the Starbuck County High football squad; no way was I gonna come out in super-macho pick-up truck country – regardless of Brokeback Mountain – just ten miles from where I grew up! After graduation, I took a job helping old Gus Travis run his dumpy little leather store on the edge of town, until I could save up enough to go to Denver to live with my dad, and maybe go to law enforcement school. I did get a free pair of cowboy boots out of working there. Staghorn was hook-up no-man’s-land; so I had pretty much given up on finding the brawny, muscled-up cowboy who could fill my smooth white ass, and satisfy my raging libido!
  The only gym I could afford was Reggie’s Sweat Shop. It was cheap because it had banged-up old free weights and a few Nautilus machines from the 60s, and reeked of sweat and less-than-sanitary conditions. But it was enough for me to keep myself in great shape – and the perspiration perfume was utterly intoxicating! Old pictures of sports figures lined the walls, along with posters of hot bodybuilders and cute muscle boys. I must admit it made me wonder about Reggie. Bodybuilders, OK – but cute young muscle studs in posing thongs!! Made me fantasize about what might be going on behind the scenes at the Sweat Shop! I knew full well that in every gym there is always a good percentage of muscle-lovers who dream of having sultry grunge-sex with the sweating studs around them. I was yearning for it to happen to me!!
I had only been a member of the gym a few days last summer when old Gus kept me late at the store to help out with inventory. So I got to the gym only a half hour before closing, but got in a short workout before the lights blinked for closing. I had been enjoying the hot muscle-bods in the locker room every afternoon: tight shapely tushes, ripped torsos, and dangling dongs in the open shower room. I couldn’t believe the choice specimens of macho meat on display!
Once a guy had left his sweaty jock out on the bench. I scarped it up as fast as I could, went home, and inhaled the manly aroma; dreaming of what filed them as I spanked my swollen 10-inch monkey – finally covering my entire chest and face with my massive spunk-spray; then eating as much of it as I could, dreaming of scoring a mouthful of muscle-jizz from one of those gorgeous numbers at the gym!! Sometimes, after my workouts, I went to the bathroom and pulled out my hard-on: my balls were so damn full, my cockhead was oozing sperm mixed with pre!! I was mega, super, obscenely, out-of-my-mind HORNY!!!!
  Reggie was one super-hot, 35-year-old muscle stud – and a true cowboy to boot. He actually grew up on the Bar-Q Ranch just outside town, and drove a brand new King Ranch 150. He had buzzed, dark-brown hair, and sky-blue eyes. He always wore fancy cowboy boots, a white Stetson, and stretched-out Western shirts tucked in washed-out old Wranglers. His face had a kind of boyish cockiness to it, and his ass was to kill for! It filled the seat of his frayed old jeans to the max; bouncing as he walked in a way that said, “Don’t you just want to sniff and eat me raw … NOW!” I had the hardest time not staring at him all through my workouts. In fact, we had locked eyes a couple of times, making my always-chubby prick spring to life! But you don’t come out at a gym unless it’s frickin’ obvious!! So I just kept to myself and enjoyed being super-aroused by all the cute faces, jiggly butts, tempting bulges, and sexy boy-calves.
So anyway, I finished my mini-workout and looked around: everyone else had gone except for a couple of dudes walking out the door. I was the only straggler in the herd. All sweaty from my quickie workout, I headed to the locker room to shower-off. But on the way, Reggie stopped me, and struck up a conversation. “Get a good workout, stud?” he asked. “Yeah, I guess so; not really enough time though; but I’ll be back tomorrow.” … “You’re lookin’ really good, Butch. You’ve done a great job building mass and sculpting at the same time - not easy! Your physique reminds me of Bob Paris.” I knew who Bob Paris was, that he was gay and out; so my balls tightened with anticipation. Reggie had definitely opened the door!!

“You know who he was, don’t ya?” he asked … “Yep, wasn’t he the first bodybuilder to come out as gay?” I replied … “Didn’t know whether you identified with him or not?” He asked, testing the waters … “Why … uh … yeah, I guess I do,” I haltingly answered, emboldened by my aching gonads. “Well, I do too.” he said grinning, with a seductive undertone to his deep, bass drawl.
He came up to me; looked me in the eyes, and reached out and grabbed my crotch, squeezing it all sexy-like. I moaned as my cock throbbed. (squeeze) “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you, Butch; especially that cute little butt of yours!” (long squeeze) “Hard as hell, I Jumped at the opportunity! “Same here Reg; you ignite a fire in my groin every time I lay my horny eyes on you, especially when you’re grunting and sweating during your workouts.” … “Goddamn! You’re a fucking sizzler … I wanna plug your ass right now!!” I was taken off-guard by his aggressiveness. But I didn’t have time to think, so I just said, “Fine with me … I’ve been want’n your big old cowboy cock to stretch my butt-hole ever since I laid eyes on you – I salivate over that animal trying to bust out of your crotch!”

Reggie pulled his hand away from my badly swollen crotch. “Don’t go away now, stud!” he said as he gave me a smooch, zipped into his office and made a quick phone call. All I could hear was, “ … gorgeous … take turns … yeah, NOW!” On his way out of the office, he turned on the sound system, filling the room with pounding country rock!! Then he swaggered on up to the front of the gym and pulled down the shades. He walked back over to me and placed his big calloused hand behind my head, looked me straight in the eyes, and said, “You are one fuck-starved little cowpoke, aren’t you … AREN’T YOU!!!!!” … “YES! … YES!!” I yelled, “Fuck my smelly ass, Reg!! I want it so – DAMN - BAD!!” We took a deep toke of poppers, kicking our libido in the ass!!
He smiled knowingly, opened his mouth, shot-out his monster tongue, and parted my lips like a rigid penis plowing into a virgin asshole. I eagerly opened it wide to accommodate his massive probe, greeting it with my own. Our slimy tongues slid sensually all over each other as we groaned in escalating arousal, aggressively slurping and tonguing as spit dribbled down our chins. Our wet tongues wandered all over our faces, necks, and nipples as we groaned together in horny desperation. At one point, he extended his tongue as deep into my throat as it would go: like he was trying to tickle my tonsils. It was the most erotic thing I had ever fuckin’ experienced...jolts of pleasure electrified my body!! I realized at that very moment that I was the grasshopper, and he, the Master!
Master started unsnapping his tight Western shirt, exposing his deeply chiseled pecs. His pits reeked of a hard day’s work at the gym without a shower. Fine with me, because the potent odor of sweaty pits sends my libido soaring through the roof! I could not have been more aroused if I had swallowed ten tabs of Viagra!! I pulled off my sweaty Tee until we were both standing there breathing hard, and tenting like crazy. I wanted that monster tongue of his to wrapped around my throbbing big boy, making it scream with pleasure. He must’ve read my mind because he fell to his knees, yanked my gym shorts down to my ankles, and stared longingly at my drooling, turned-up beauty. “DAMN!! That’s one sexy ass-crammer you got sticking out there, Butch!!” he gushed, in his sexy western drawl.
Without delay, he took it into his mouth like it was the first cock he had ever sucked, moaning and groaning with deep bass tones as he bobbed in rapturous delight, twisting his tongue around my nut as he bobbed! “Oh God, Reggie, that feels so damn fuckin’ good!!” He spent the next few minutes enjoying the hell out of my burning prong and huge gonads, reaming my throbbing bung-hole with a spitty finger as he devoured my big, smelly pecker! Finally he stood up, pulling his finger out of my hole, and stared me in the eyes as he sniffed and licked it, moaning with delight. Then he offered it to me. I took it into my mouth, tasting its sweetness, smelling my own anal musk: crazy to get my lips around Reggie’s swollen manhood!!!

At that point, I thought I heard the back door open and shut; but he didn’t respond; so I thought I was just hearing things.
He knew what I wanted, and pulled off his pants, as I did mine. There we were with two rock-hard pricks, leaking profusely. He led me over to the weight rack and handed me two 30-pound dumb bells. He took some as well, and told me to pump my biceps. We stood there grunting as our huge biceps swelled with blood, and our shoulders glistened with new sweat. In less than five minutes, it was dripping profusely down our ripped bodies, the intoxicating scent of raging testosterone wafting through the dimly-lit gym.
It was so damn sexy getting all pumped-up with Reggie that my prick was hard as steel and oozing pre like a faucet. He came up to me, put his hand around my prick, and squeezed a huge glob of pre into his cupped fingers. Then he placed his fingers above his head and let the love-nectar drool into his mouth, groaning with rapture as he imbibed my tasty fuck-oil. Crazy with lust, he started licking my body all over – every square inch! I responded in kind as we voraciously swilled each other’s sweat like rabid Rottweiler’s.
Mad with pucker-lust, he told me to grab a nearby barbell filled with weights, sitting on top of the stand. I knew what he wanted - and I desperately wanted it too! He fell to his knees and began ramming his massive tongue into my fuck-hole, slurping and kissing wildly! I moaned as he thrilled my sphincter; his long stiff tongue penetrating deeply into my wet pussy. We both groaned and grunted as he sensuously raked his tongue up my ass-crack several times. My balls were begging for attention, so I lowered my upper body on the bench, more fully exposing my tennis-ball-size sperm bags. He immediately started devouring them, even pulling my rock-hard pecker into his mouth to suck. At last, my ass was getting some satisfaction!!
We were both more than ready for some red-hot ass-plugging; so he placed his drooling cockhead on my dilated pucker and shoved it on in about six inches, thrusting slowly and sensuously as shocks of fuck-joy shot up my spine!! At last, a hairy muscle man’s boner was up my bum – the fulfillment of many years of lustful fantasy! There were so many mirrors in the room that I could see him plugging me from almost every angle, further fueling my intense craving to be super-fucked!!
Suddenly I caught sight of two figures, reflected in the mirror, standing behind us. It was Rico and Justin! – two gorgeous hunks that I had met the other day in the locker room. Actually, I had lusted after them ever since I started going there. They were wearing full cowboy regalia, and began to undress, getting totally naked, except for their cowboy boots, with their monster boners arching toward the ceiling, they stared lustfully at us as they stroked them. Rico, an extremely handsome Hispanic dude, said, “May we join you?” … “We don’t wanna be left out of this hot little fuck-session!” added Justin, a super-cute Gringo beefcake. “Hell yeah!!” said Reggie, “join the party!!”
Apparently they had been watching Reggie and me for some time, because they were eager to get it on! We passed around the poppers, and I paired off with Rico, and Reggie immediately started hot-kissing Justin. I dropped to my knees and took Rico’s thick 10-inch dong into my mouth and started bobbing like crazy. Lots of grunts and groans filled the grungy workout space, accompanied by the hot, pounding music. His big veiny cock was well-lubricated because of the tons nut-juice oozing out his piss-hole. He moaned deeply as I slid my tight lips up and down his oily horse cock.

Reggie was over there gnawing on Justin’s ass, slurping and moaning like crazy. That guy’s addicted to stinky young puckers!! We switched-up and did all sorts of hot and horny things to each other: kissing, nipple biting, finger-fucking, etc. The macho stink was quadraphonic intense in the small workout room as we worked up a horny sweat.


Reggie yelled out: “OK, you cocksuckers, it’s kiss-ass time!!” They circled around me, bent over, and exposed their sweaty holes to my hungry gaze. “They’re all yours Butch; EAT UP!!” I was more than happy to accommodate them, and started off sliding my wet tongue all over Rico’s smooth, brown buns; ended up with it embedded deep in his pussy hole, wiggling and thrusting, as he moaned with ecstatic rim-joy!!
Next, I admired Justin’s hairless, creamy-white starfish, clinching with excitement. It was so tempting, I had to stick a wet finger in his cunt-mouth. “Goddamn, Butch that’s AWESOME!!” he yelled. I extracted my stinky digit, smelled and tasted it, and thrust my hot tongue deep into his squishy manhole, chewing and licking to my hard’s delight.
After several minutes of feasting on his smelly rosebud, I went on to Reggie’s; saving the best for last! His sexy hole was circled by a thick ring of dark hair, matted with sweat, and reeking with machismo. His pussy was so tantalizing I started ferociously gnawing, pushing my probe past his dilated sphincter deep inside his spasming colon. I slurped, fucked, and ate his delicious pucker-pie until I got my fill of delicious muscle-ass!!
He pulled off me and said, “OK, Butch, these horny young bucks are here to help me satisfy your hungry little pussy. Are you ready to get FUCKED!?” ... “Oh my God!! am I ready!! … fuck me raw, dudes! … FUCK ME RAW!!!” I insistently demanded! I grabbed hold of the barbell again and stuck out my gaping asshole, clinching it open and shut to show how desperately I wanted it! Justin did the honors with his monster 11-inch dripper, and placed his slimy cockhead on my quivering little cunt-mouth, wiggled it around a few seconds, and then shoved it on in. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” I gasped as his massive bull-cock stretched my sphincter to the max. He started-out slow and sexy as I cursed and moaned in agony of delight. Reggie got in front of me so I could chow-down on his drooling prong as I was being reamed. Rico was behind him, dry-fucking his ass crack. We were grunting and groaning like a bunch of horny steers in a cow pen. I could see it all in the wall mirror!! The extreme man-stench of our sweaty, unshowered bodies mixed with that macho gym scent, making me delirious with man-lust!!!
  Reggie and Rico were standing there jerking their rods, eager for their turn at my tight young hole! Justin pulled out reluctantly, and Rico took his place with his slightly shorter, but thicker, prong. He easily crammed it in my slimy, dilated pucker, and started fucking hell out of me. No slow shit for that oversexed Latin stud. The pleasure of his massive meat plugging my tender quim was beyond anything I had ever imagined. My cock was dripping pre profusely onto the floor as Rico slowed his pace to grind and shallow-hunch my ass. I moaned in ecstasy!! “Oh God, Justin, you’re setting my pussy on fuckin’ fire!!”
Reggie placed his head under my drooling cock and opened his pre-addicted mouth, drinking the fuck-oil as it poured out of my piss-hole. Rico intermittently rammed my ass like a sledgehammer, filling the room with loud butt-slaps with each brutal thrust! I screamed, “harder!! … HARDER!!!” Grunting like a raging bull, he started fucking me fast as hell: “OH MY GOD!!!!! … OH! FUUCK! … FUUUUCK!!! … FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” I yelled.

Reggie intervened, wanting the last fuck!! Rico pulled-out, moaning with insane pleasure, ready to bust his nut!! Reggie inserted his throbbing prong, and immediately started fast-fucking me like a jackhammer. My hole was literally on-fire from all the violent plugging I’d endured. I watched him slamming me in the huge mirror, careening toward his monster ejaculation, as rivers of sweat streamed down his glistening muscular body. Justin was riding Rico’s super-hard spike on one of the nearby benches as he held onto the barbell for dear life! Their grunts and screams joined ours in a chorus of orgiastic Bacchanalia!!

Reggie was ready to blow, as were the rest of us. So he laid me out on a bench and called the other guys over. They stood around me in a circle and started pounding their cum-bulging cocks - spit, sweat, and pre flying all over me. I grabbed my own blow-hungry phallus and started jerking like a man possessed!! Stink, moans, grunts, and curses filled the air as the hard-driving music pounded away, taking us to the very precipice of release!!
Reggie suddenly yelled, “I’m gonna blow … MY GOD, I’M GONNA BLOW!!!” His piss-hole opened-up and shot what had to be the most incredible gush of man-seed I had ever seen! - live or online!! It arched upward and fell all over my ripped torso. One huge cum-drop went directly into my gaping mouth. I swallowed the tasty jizz-bomb as Reggie screamed at the top of his voice, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! … SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!!!!! … FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” Almost simultaneously Justin and Rico ejaculated their voluminous loads all over me as well, filling my mouth with their sizzling jizz juice. I struggled to swallow it, gulping with total abandon. This was my baptism into the super-erotic Sweat-Shop fuck club of Reggie’s Gym.
My entire body was dripping cum as I too exploded into the air, jetting my own monster ejac all over the guys around me. I intentionally aimed it to shower them in return for their generous deposit. I screamed as waves of rapture flooded my body; every spurt a jolt of ecstasy: “Unh! … Unh!! … Unhhhhhh!!!!!” I shrieked! “OH, FUCK!!!! … SHIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!! … AHHHHHHHH!!! … FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!”
There we were: four uber-horny gym rats, dripping with cooling jizz, struggling to catch our breath as waves post-orgasmic bliss flooded our bodies. As a night cap, we stood in front of each other, and licked and slurped the spunk running down our brawny bodies, cum-kissing as we inhaled the musky sweetness of our reeking physiques. Reggie cupped some jizz off my abs and slathered it on his asshole. I dropped to my knees and enjoyed a very tasty dessert!!
Justin and Rico made their way to the shower. After consuming my delicious cum-pie, Reggie and I joined them. After we dried-off and dressed, we went over to The Gun Barrel Saloon and got drunk as a skunk; laughing and joking, and having one hell of a good old Staghorn beer-blast, our libidos totally and absolutely satisfied – for one night, anyway! My ass throbbed with raw pleasure all the way home as I bounced on the seat of my old Silverado!! Hell, it was already screaming to be filled again!!!