Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEIVING" Original gay erotic story by Kevin McLean

This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.

By Kevin McLean

They are sending out the wrong signals and I can’t help but to think they are doing it on purpose. You know the type: butch and rough, masculine and manly, testosterone on legs. And yet, when you go to bed with them disappointment soon follows.
Many are hopelessly under-hung; while others have fantastic physiques and no sex drive. Then there are those that are macho, act butch and when you go to bed with them the legs go up in the air and they show you their puckers ready to receive. To a big bottom like me, that is the ultimate frustration.

Larry: “Oh man, I thought you were straight”

Me: “How do you figure?”

Larry: “Well, every time I have seen you, you are with that chic”

Me: “Oh, that, no, that’s Bonita…she’s no chick…she is a fag hag…my very own fag hag”

Larry: “Then when you cruised me in the hall I just came unglued…I have wanted you ever since  I first saw you in the cafeteria”

Me: “And I you…but I also thought you were straight”

Larry: “And how did you figure that?

Me: “It’s the way you act, the way you look, your deep voice…peppered with “fuck” in every other sentence”

Larry: “Wow, that is news to me…I thought I wasn’t obvious, but I never would have thought I could “pass”.

Me: “No, really, and then you are showing such a big basket”

Larry: “And yet, I am the biggest of all bottoms”

Me: “No shit…and I was hoping you were a top”
Larry: “Don’t tell me you too are a bottom…that would be such a waste”

Me: “Yep, I am…but we can still do things…like we could flip flop”

Larry: That sounds like a good idea…but I still prefer getting fucked in the ass”

Larry Stirdivant had a rock solid body…some hairs on his chest and they were set amidst the most spectacular set of pecs I have seen in a while…He had a beard and a moustache and wore jeans with plaid shirts and always, a red cap. I discovered later why…his hair was thinning and he had a receding hairline. He was cut but it was a decent size cock. And then there was his ass…it was a bubble butt just like mine except it was hairy as hell and it was the biggest turn on to eat that hairy ass…even if I would have preferred for him to fuck me…the eating of his ass just put me in the mood and when the time came I penetrated Larry and just fucked the daylights out of his ass.

Larry took me to his apartment which was just across campus and we made passionate love…I can’t say that I wasn’t turned on…it was just the thought that I was going to have to be the top that kind of took the wind off my sails…but as we got it on I began to get hotter and one thing led to another.

Larry: “Oh, Kevin, I am so glad you decided to make love to me…you are a great lover…the way you are eating my ass is incredible…yeah, that’s it, finger fuck me..That feels good…oh, shit, that is wonderful, two fingers? Oh, yeah, fuck yeah, now put your dick inside me Kevin, fuck me, fuck my ass”

Me: “yeah, here it goes…your ass is tight man…so hot…it feels wonderful…it is like you have a fever…it is burning hot around my cock…do you like that? Do you want me to start fucking you hard…let me know when”

Larry: “Yeah, yeah, you can just fuck away man, that is incredible…yeah, fuck my ass, fuck it, harder, harder…I love your cock man…it feels so good.”
After about five minutes of real hard banging I was beginning to feel an orgasm approaching. 

So I asked him: “Larry, I’m getting close to shooting my wad…do you want it inside your ass? Do you want me to cum inside?”

Larry: “No, cum on my back and then you can scoop it up with your mouth and then you can kiss me and pass it along…I want to taste your man juice”
Me: “Oh Larry, yeah, that’s it tighten your ass, milk my cock baby, that’s the way it is done, yeah, yeah, fuck yeah, I’m getting ready to cum….ah, ah, ah, ah, fuck, there it goes” and I pulled out, stood above Larry and just covered his whole back with my jizz. I got down and licked it all and saved it and instead of kissing him, I just spit it into his mouth…he wasn’t expecting that but he loved it so much that he shot his load from getting so turned on by what I had done.

So I suppose that if the moment is right and the situation calls for me to play top I will come through and be just as butch as I need to be, thus, from top to bottom, bottom to top.


The issue is: do you like that squeaky clean, natty dresser who is always well groomed? Or do you prefer a guy with the “I don't give a damn look?


This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.