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Don't stand around and stare, go ahead and fuck him, he's begging for it.


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“THE MUSEUM IS CLOSING – LOOKING FOR A JOB” - Original erotic gay story by Phil Oropesa

Just a few months after purchasing the house of my dreams, I'm told that I'd be out of a job in a month.


This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.

By Phil Oropesa

No news other than the death of a loved one, can be as devastating and as crushing as being laid off from work. There is one constant in life that can't be ignored or fought: change.

The big recession finally came to dig its sharp claws on the Minnesota economy. With the Republicans in key positions, their answer was austerity, austerity and more a time when just the opposite is prescribed by credible economists.

There would be cuts in law enforcement, fire protection, the schools – of course, all the other nice stuff that makes life a bit more bearable like libraries, parks and museums.

The Museum has long been in the cross-hairs of the conservatives in power. They absolutely loath education and in particular they are so adamant to accept science and to learn anything about history, to be cultured and appreciate the Museum was one of the first things targeted for elimination.

What to do with all the stuff? Why, they were out looking for buyers, other museums, wealthier than ours to sell off some of our priced collections. The results: we ended up getting less than ten cents on the dollar for our treasures.

Be that as it may, it was a great deal of extra work for me, and at the same time, to begin my search for a new job. With the economy gone to hell in a hand basket, the prospects seemed dim.

Granted, I could just live off my annuity from Cavalier Vineyards, but what kind of life is that? What the fuck am I to do with my time, with myself, how will I feel accomplished if I don't have gainful employment?

One of the most painful parts of the closing was the disposal of artefacts and collections. Mind you, many of those I was instrumental in it was doubly hard. A New York auction house was contracted to take the bulk of the collection. They came in and took a very thorough inventory of the items on display as well as what was in storage.

The auction was scheduled in New York and as one of my official duties as a museum employee was to attend and oversee the whole proceeding...the day after that, I would be unemployed!

When Lady Luck dumps her shit on you, it is more like a truck-full of elephant dung. Here I was, HIV positive, in my late twenties, having worked at the museum for almost three years (one week shy of my third anniversary there) I was stuck with a house in a very difficult city where the weather was inhospitable and my circle of friends very limited. I thought of Rico...If I have to move, I'm gonna miss my guardian angel.

When the trip to New York came, I asked Rico if he wanted to come along. I thought it was a good idea to have him provide moral support since he always manages to fish me out of the mud puddle of depression and self pity, and if I don't get out, Rico will slap the shit out of me as he did when Fred died.

I paid for his trip, we went first class, my attempt was to go out with a bang! And I also intended to do and fuck with every available stud in New York City...and so did Rico...we were in agreement about that. We did stay at the Plaza which was a pain in the ass since we couldn't bring tricks up to the room easily.

We would stay the first two days prior to the auction at the Plaza, but once it was over, I suggested we get the hell out of there and check into a sleazier the very least a gay bed and breakfast.

Those first two days, I barely saw Rico...he had picked up some dude and the guy was so hot that they were spending the weekend together...he didn't even come back to sleep in the room Friday or Saturday. When he came back he showed me a picture of the dude...he was some kind of personal trainer and absolutely gorgeous!

Just as well, it was one meeting after another, I had the whole weekend all filled with appointments with buyers and representatives from other museums. Just to give you an idea, it took 9 trucks, 12 trips each just to get the stuff that was in the basement of the museum.

Friday night, I was very tired and sluggish, so much so that I decided to order room service to get some food in my stomach. All I've had all day was coffee and a couple of cocktails.

About half an hour after I called for the dinner, this guy shows up with a cart that even had a fucking candelabra on it. No wonder the hotel charges so much for this shit...easily what I spend on groceries for a week.

But there was something special...the room service guy I recognized...we had ridden the elevator together earlier that day. He was so good looking that I couldn't help and stare...he busted me and sort of smiled. He got off the elevator and I went up another floor to my room.

Now he was in my room and I was wearing only my bath robe. When he entered and realized it was me, his face lit up and a very wide smile appeared on his face.

“Where would you like to have it?” the guy asked as he looked to see if anything was peeking out of the robe. I told him to leave it right in the center and I would just pull over a chair. He said he'd do that and then asked me “Is there anything else I can do? I mean anything else?” and ran his hand over his crotch.

I then said to him that I only wished he could join me for was a bummer eating by yourself. He then said that he was getting off in half an hour and he could return...”to keep me company”...yeah, right, keep me company?

I was famished, so I dug in, ate some of the salad, the smoked salmon and some cheesecake. I went and brushed my teeth immediately afterwards in case the guy was serious about returning to “keep me company”

Sure enough, within 20 minutes I hear a knock at the door and it was him. “Hi, I told you I'd be the way, my name is Ludo.”

“I'm Phil, I wasn't sure you meant it...coming back, that is.”

Ludo: “You'd be surprised how many times I do know, there are a lot of lonely businessmen that stay here...and the tips are good.”

That's when it dawned on me that he was a hustler who used his job at the hotel to turn tricks. Ludo however, was very educated, he was from Bosnia, spoke so many languages: Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian, as well as French and English...and his English was impeccable due to the fact that he had come with his parents as a youngster during the conflict in the Balkans.

Ludo: “You look very tense, let me give you a massage” and he began to massage my shoulders and neck. His hands soon traveled to my chest and then he pressed his rather large and hard cock against my neck.

I turned around and he sat on the sofa and I began to admire and play with the most magnificent uncut dick I had seen for a long while. When he stood up and I realized how large the mother fucker was, I even compared it to my forearm...about half the size of my arm and just as thick.

Ludo: “Tell me Phil, do you like to get fucked? Do you think you can take a big cock like mine up your ass?”

Me: “Yes, and yes, but there's something you should know...I'm positive”

Ludo: “Doesn't matter, we'll use protection”

I sucked on that magnificent piece of meat for a while and Ludo kept bending over to feel my ass...I was more than ready to receive it, so I took a couple of condoms and some lube out of my bag and I let him have it to apply at his discretion.

He did eat my ass for just a little while and that got me all relaxed as he would also put a finger or two and then the lube. The mother fucking thing would not go in, he kept applying pressure and I was getting frustrated...I think that it has to do with a cock being that big it doesn't get as rigid...but it finally gained entrance in one triumphant attempt at penetration...and from there on it was gang-busters!

By the time Ludo was completely inside of my ass, his cock had fully engorged with blood and was as hard as a baseball bat...and felt just like it. I was being fucked, and fucked well.

Ludo was pumping the hell out of my ass, in and completely out, then plunging it back inside...I lost count how many anal orgasms I had...but when I detected that Ludo's breath was getting more and more agitated and his eyes were rolling back on their sockets, I knew an orgasm was in the making. So I began to milk his dick with my anal contractions and he went over the edge...”ah, ah, ah, I'm cumming, ah, ah, aaaaaaaah!”

It took him a good couple of minutes to shoot the last drop of his ejaculation, then he pulled his cock out, I took it off his dick and drank the contents...that's how much I dug this cat.

I gave Ludo a $100 tip and he was as happy as a pig in shit.

Rico returned Sunday night and wanted to leave the next day. I gave him my house keys and asked him to clean out the fridge, something I should have done, but forgot. I also asked him for his bank account number so I can transfer funds for him to pay the bills.

The museum had the nerve to ask me to remain and work on a per diem basis. I thought that since I was officially without a job, that work per day would not bring me any benefits...nor was I so hard up that I needed the money. So I decided to take off from New York and go to Europe. I called the bed and breakfast and cancelled.

No reservations, no plans, no idea where I would go...just a round trip ticket to London and I would figure it out from there. I was as free as the wind at that point.

To be continued


The only thing that is better to watch than two hunks having sex is two bearded studs having sex.


This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.

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