Thursday, October 2, 2014


If you can't make up your mind which one you want, take all of can't overdose on hunks!


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Some extraordinary things can happen in a gay sauna…this one was incredible, an account of a sexual free-for all told by Richard de Orizaba.

This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.

As my life got more complicated with the running of Cavalier Wines and the other businesses, it seemed like I hardly had time to scratch my ass let alone go to a gay bar, take off for a couple of months and disappear into the jungles of Brazil or even take a vacation.

One of my favorite places to meet and fuck guys had always been the gay saunas…the tubs, if you will. This time I went I forced myself to actually take away time from my schedule and not sleep the usual seven hours and instead go to the gay club in Fort Lauderdale while I was on a business trip there.

I arrived early enough to secure a room and from the looks of things it seemed that it was going to be a dud of a night…there just not that many people there and those I originally spotted were tired old queens.

I went to the back and this was one of those nights they had free beer and pizza but the back bar was still closed. I had to kill some time so I actually got to exercise and then went into the Jacuzzi. All of this took no more than 45 minutes and when I got showered, wrapped a towel around me and walked back to my room the place seemed to have filled up as if by magic.

The hallway alone had no less than two dozen hot studs preening and walking around wrapped in towels showing respectable bulges and even more appetizing bubble butts.

I just couldn’t figure out why they were all in this one hallway and the other three hallways were empty. Since my room was at the end I decided to walk through and find out what was the cause of such interest. My room was closed and so was the one immediately adjacent to it. All the other rooms in that hallway were open with studs either standing on the doorway or just reclining on their beds. The one room next to mine with the door closed seemed to be having some kind of extraordinary sexual activity. We couldn’t tell what was behind the close door but we could hear the sounds.

“Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ay, ay, ay, oooooohhh, oooooh, aaaaah” were the sounds coming from some bottom that was getting the fuck of his life and it was accompanied by very loud thumps that resembled the beating of a drum.

If you have been following this blog you know that I am just as turned on by watching two or more people have sex as I am with the audio. This must have been one hell of a fuck because it seemed that everyone had turned their attention to the activities in that locked room and then one guy in the room adjacent got the idea to stand on the bed and then step up on top of a wooden box attached to the wall that served as a lock box. He got on top and was now looking down on the action over the partition.

Since my room was on the other side, I went in and did the same. I stood on top of the locker and what I saw just totally turned me on even more. There was this black dude with one enormous cock mercilessly fucking this beautiful blond twink. The fucking was not a run-of the mill kind…it was energetic and he would pull out his cock all the way and just plow it back in with force; this was the reason the twink was yelling, panting and obviously enjoying the fuck he was getting.

As I was standing up there looking into the other room, a real hot guy comes into my room and stands on the bed and goes down on me; this was followed by another even cuter guy coming in and standing by the side of the bed going down on him. Next there were three or four guys taking turns at this guy’s ass. While standing on the floor they were rimming him, fingering him and obviously with his approval one of them penetrated him.

This was a Daisy chain in a vertical fashion…me being on the top and looking into the other room.

The twink getting fucked saw me and I guess he liked my face because he motioned me with his hand to come in and join them. I pulled away the guy sucking me and I just jumped over the partition. I got on the bed and the twink then sat on my cock while the black guy penetrated him again while standing next to the bed.

The black fucker was very pleased with the situation because now with another cock inside his ass, this twink was twice as tight. If the sounds that were coming out of the twink’s mouth were stimulating before, now with two cocks fucking him these sounds became even louder and incredible: “oooooooooooh, ooooooooh, aaaaaaaaah, ay, ay, ay, ay, yeah, fuck me, ah, fuck my ass, aaaaaaaah”

I suppose the top who was fucking him couldn’t hold it any longer and he began to breathe heavier and was making unintelligible sounds and panting…it was obvious that his orgasm was near. “q$#^^%,, ^%&#$%&^&, fuck, fuck yeah, @$%@$%, $%@#$%, ah, ah, aaaaaaaaaah!” and he came. He just didn’t cum a normal ejaculation…I could feel it coating my cock and even spilling on to my pubic hairs…churning and frothy. 

In the meantime, it hadn’t occurred to anybody that the door was actually unlocked until one of the guys in the hallway turned the door knob and he came in. He immediately proceeded to kneel down on the floor and since the twink had his legs up in the air he got his mouth right into the twink’s mouth and my invading cock…he was lapping up all the ejaculation the black guy had deposited and was oozing out while I kept fucking the blond twink.

This one real husky, hairy bear who was handsome beyond comprehension, with a beard and wearing a black cap, then came into the room and pushed the cum dump away and began to penetrate the twink with my dick still inside. Now, this bear had a large cock…not as long as mine but just as long as the black guy had fucked the twink previously…only he was twice as thick…a beer can would look thin if compared next to his cock.

Not only was I getting incredible friction and stimulation on my cock but the bear bent down and I propped myself up a little while the twink was still riding my cock and the bear kissed me. It was one of those all-engulfing, all invading suck-my tongue out type of kisses and then he offered me his armpits to lick.

This is all I needed to send me to the edge and both the bear and I shot our wads into the twink. There were at least three cum dumps fighting to get the dregs of the ejaculations and the bear and I left the room and went into mine because the bear wanted me to fuck him.

If the double decker fuck with the twink and him was good, fucking him was even better…the guy was solid and corpulent…obvious results of endless hours at a gym and the ass so tight. Within 15 minutes of my previous ejaculation I also shot my load into the bear’s ass. I left the sauna that night hoping that a return visit would be as exciting as this one.

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This is the 15th post about those sexy inked men.


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